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BizTalk Implementation

Business Process Management is all about combining software systems, workflow and business rules to improve specific repeatable business processes. Microsoft understands that system integration and business process management remains a major goal for mid-sized enterprises companies, offering BizTalk Server as the solution.

Microsoft's most current release, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 has added some new key components:

  • Human-based Workflow
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Business Process Management (BPM) Integration with Visual Studio .NET
  • BPM-centric Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Improved Support for Web services
  • Implementation of Microsoft ESB Guidance package
  • Microsoft Office Integration

IPCS has extensive experience in Microsoft BizTalk implementations. We have been supporting our clients with the following comprehensive services:

  • Initial Assessment and Analysis Services
    Formulating a detailed road map defining the power and flexibility that a BizTalk Server can add to organization's technical infrastructure.

  • Architectural Consulting
    Our project methodology for the BizTalk Architecture project incorporates proven best practices, which result in providing the foundation for implementing an enterprise BizTalk infrastructure.

  • Custom Application Interface Component Development
    This includes:
    • Interface Requirements
    • Interface Design
    • Interface Coding and Testing
    • Interface Deployment

  • BizTalk Implementation
    IPCS's BizTalk implementation methodology consists of the required levels of analysis, planning, architecture, transaction modeling, mapping, business process modeling and custom development. We recommend the implementation set up for development, QA and production environments.

  • BizTalk Migrations
    IPCS services include assisting organizations that have already implemented previous versions of BizTalk Server to upgrade to current releases enabling you to gain even more value from such implementations.

Implementing BizTalk requires a special skill and a proven methodology. IPCS's BizTalk implementations are performed by talented and highly skilled experts and subject-matter-experts who have proven implementation experience on BizTalk and Enterprise Application Integration including ESB, SOA and Web Services.

IPCS Software Technology Platforms

WorkFinity® BPRM is service oriented architecture (SOA) based innovative software technology framework delivering next generation, smart and intelligent industry-specific enterprise applications.

Delivers next generation digital service
delivery framework for Healthcare Industry.
  • Claim processing
  • Health benefit, eligibility and plan processing
  • Next generation highly automated health exchange platform (government and private sector)
  • Workflow-rules-compliance engines
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