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Designed to accommodate the needs of virtually every organization and user, Microsoft Dynamics AX, is a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Dynamics AX is created specifically to help mid-market enterprises seize opportunity and gain a competitive advantage. Dynamics AX can be tailored to support business processes quickly and cost-effectively. While its core strengths are in manufacturing and e-business, t includes strong functionality for the wholesale and services industries including integrated functionality for finance, supply chain management, customer relationship management, human resource management, balanced scorecard and knowledge management, and business analytics.

The Dynamics AX Integrated Enterprise Solution has wide range of features:

  • E-business ready
    Dynamics AX supports emerging Internet-centric technologies so that you gain competitive advantages. These technologies include browser-based application access, XML, WAP and the Application Service Provider paradigm.

  • Flexible
    Dynamics AX is designed as a three-tier architecture. A number of advanced techniques cleanly separate the business logic from the presentation interface and the application data. As a result, you can access the same business logic using the interface of your choice -- browser, application client, machine-to-machine, or mobile device.

  • Simple
    Dynamics AX has one toolbox, one source code, one set of business logic, and one database. Whether it's application customizations at the subsidiary level, department level, or with individual users, the power to adapt is in your hands.

  • Scalable
    Dynamics AX is a dynamically scalable client/server application that enables you to increase the number of users, expand your database capacity, and add more functions. The key to scalability is the Axapta Object Server (AOS), which is based on well-established industry standards.

  • Designed for Tomorrow
    Dynamics AX uses Structured Query Language (SQL) syntax as an integral part of the MorphX development environment. This provides a free choice between SQL database management with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

  • Microsoft Technology
    Dynamics AX automates both internal and external work processes and its design principal of "one business logic, one database, one source code, and one tool" provides you with a number of key benefits:
    • Familiar Microsoft look and feel
    • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Business products
    • Lower development and maintenance costs
    • No redundant data
    • No redundant business logic
    • Greater responsiveness to change
    • Easy-to-upgrade applications
    • Easy-to-harness emerging technologies like WAP and XML
    • Seamless integration to all parts of your business

IPCS provides consulting services to customers on Microsoft Dynamics AXP implementations. We have certified Microsoft Dynamics AXP experts with proven experience in the installation, configuration and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AXP based applications.

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